WordPress Styling to Match your Brand




Teacherpreneurs, small business owners and/or creatives are you looking for help with setting up a beautiful WordPress website to match your brand? Let’s work together to create a stunning website that matches your brand and meets the needs of your business.  This includes only WordPress styling and does not include a branding package.  Please head over to Custom Logo Design if you’re looking for logos/banners/branding.


* Basic Design Elements (simple thumbnail images & welcome photo & text)

* 10 hours of Work

* 1 Hour of Email Support

* Setup of Home & Blog Page

* Menu Setup

* Installation of 3 Plugins

If you’d like additional support, an invoice will be emailed at a rate of $30 an hour.

Additional Services

* Graphic Images for Blog Posts

* Updating Plugins

* Install WordPress from SiteGround

*** Please note that in order to customize and download plugins you need to have your site hosted by SiteGround or any other hosting service.  The free version of WordPress is very limited to styling and customizing.  If you are not sure how to set up SiteGround and install it onto the WordPress site I can support you with this under additional services.***

How does this work?

➀ If you need rush styling, please email me at sabrina@sabrinadiasandcompany.com before purchasing to check on design availability. If you need a rush design, check out Sparkle Services.
➁ Purchase WordPress Styling
➂ Click and fill out the Google Form questionnaire and email to notify me that you’ve completed the Google Form.
➃ If we haven’t discussed scheduling, I will send you an email with your styling schedule date.
➄ I will email you with questions.  Please respond within 24 hours so we can keep the project on schedule.
➅ I will notify you when I’m almost done and you will review the site and email me back with adjustments you’d like.  When I get close to the 10 hours, I will notify you through email.  If adjustments go over the 10 hours, I will email you an invoice for the additional time used on the project.



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