The to-do list keeps growing longer and longer when you are running a Teachers Pay Teacher shop solo.  I hear you!  I’m all about simplifying and streamlining all the tasks so I can get back to creating all the things.  

Graphics is a huge part of running an online business especially a Teachers Pay Teachers shop.  You want to make sure when someone sees your product cover on Teachers Pay Teachers or on your social media account, they stop and want to learn all about it.  

You don’t have a physical storefront to show off all your amazing products so you need to showcase your resources using graphics/mockups.  I know you’re probably thinking now I need to learn graphic design to run an online business. Nope, you don’t! That’s why it’s soooo important to jump on the mockup train.  

What is a mockup?
How do I use mockups?
Why do I need mockups?

What is a mockup?

A mockup is a prototype displaying a finished product.  Mockups can be different but usually they represent a graphic material such as an image or photo that represents a design of a finished product. Think of it as showing off printable/digital product or course you are selling, what it would look like when using it in the real world.  The graphic is digitally manipulated so it showcases how people actually use the product in a close to real-life situation as possible.

When a potential buyer lands on your product cover, they are most likely to purchase it if they can visualize how the product can solve a problem they are having.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  You need to show your buyers your product so they know they think they can’t live without it.

Why should I use mockups?

Using mockups has huge benefits!  For starters, professionally looking mockups generate more attention or I like to call it, “stops the scroll” at a glance on social media or Pinterest.  It encourages people to take a closer look into the product or offer and it makes it more likely for them to buy your product.

Using mockups is a HUGE time saver!  

They are simple and easy to use!

How do I use mockups?

You can use mockups as social media images or inspirational quotes, product and thumbnail covers, Pinterest pins, landing pages, blog post graphics, newsletters, blog featured images, ads and learning or course material.

A mockup is simply a graphic with a space that you overlay a screenshot of your product.  If you want to display a printable download, use a graphic with white or blank space where you can digitally place a png of a page you want to highlight from your product.  Maybe you have a digital resource, having a mockup with a computer, iPad, or phone in a top overhead view laying on a desk so you can easily overlay a png of your digital product on top of the screen.  This will give you that real life visual of the product. 

STEP 1: Choose a mockup {desktop flatlay, computer, laptop,or iPhone}
STEP 2: Upload the mockup into PowerPoint or Canva {my favorite}
STEP 3: Upload a screenshot of your product, course material, website, or video
STEP 4: Preview and add your logo
STEP 5: Ready to use on social media, Pinterest, selling platform, or your website

Mockup Tips

When you are buying mockups, I suggest purchasing mockups that are close to your brand colors so you can continue to build brand consistency.  I would recommend having a library of different mockups, you don’t want to use the same one over and over.  Spread it out!  If you are using the mockup on your social media feed, I would use it every 9 or more posts so it’s not spammy.  

Have a variety of styled mockups… computer, iPad, phone, laptop, flatlays, and clipboard mockups to display your products in different ways.  

Create a short video and overlay it on a mockup.  This is a great way to showcase your products.

Using mockups is a GAME CHANGER!

Check out my mockup shop to start your mockup collection today! 

If you are looking for a variety of mockups and would love to have access to a vault of mockups then the Simplified Designs Membership for Teacher Sellers is for you!  This membership already includes hundreds of mockups and a new set is added each month.  Click below for more information.  

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