Canva Element Keywords

Canva Element Keywords

Canva is an easy-to-use graphic design tool that lets anyone make stunning graphics. Canva comes with a ton of built-in elements. Mastering how to search for element with keywords will allow you to be able to find everything you need for your graphic design projects quickly.

In this blog post, I’ll chat about Canva Elements, what they are, how to use them, and how to search for the perfect design elements.

What are Canva Elements?

Canva elements are lines, shapes, illustrations, graphics, photos, videos, audio, charts, tables, frames and grids that you can add to your design.  To access elements, click on the “Elements” button on the sidebar.  To find a specific element, enter a keyword in the search bar at the top of the elements library.  

Simply click on the element to add it to your design. From here, you can resize, rotate, move it around the canvas and in some cases you’ll have the ability to change the color of the element.  This option allows users to customize elements to match their brand. 

Let’s get started with some basic keywords:
* Circle
* Square
* Triangle
* Rectangle
* Heart
* Coffee
* Flower
* Watercolor
* Paper
* Abstract

For additional keyword ideas...

Click on the “Elements” button in the sidebar, then graphics and you will find the following categories: *Featured *Gradient *Stickers {Great to use when created graphics or videos for Instagram Stories or Reels and TikTok} *Bold Foliage
*Zodia Symbols
*Simple Drawn Objects
*Camping Rustic Drawing
*Sketchy Flowers
*Handdrawn Love
*Organic Rainbows
*Organic Sketched Fruit
*Bright Leaves
*Girl Power
*Pastel Ladies
*Duo Color Avatar
*Bright Food
*Pastel Travel Accessories
*Monoline Elements
*Organic Summer
*Vivid Contrast Objects
*Vivid Leaves

Discover hidden elements in Canva by using secret brand codes!

What if I told you that Canva has secret code that you can locate and use to get all the graphics and elements from your favorite designers?

This time-saving tip is a game-changer!  To view all the designs from your favorite designer, when browsing Canva’s elements, hover over the image, press the three dots that appear in the top right corner of the graphic, then clicking “View more” a secret designer code will appear. 

When searching under the “Organic Rainbow” category, I select a graphic that I liked, I hovered over the graphic, clicked on the 3 dots and an information box appears with the designers name {Sketchify} and when I click on the view more option it displays the designers secrete code brand:BADeGZOX6Sc

Finding the perfect element is the key to creating stunning graphics.   It does take time to research and find elements.  Let me help you with this!

Each month in the DIY Teacherpreneur Subscription you get an Element Keyword Guide. It’s a done for you guide with keywords and the elements in a catalog style for easy copy and paste into your designs.  Click below to see what else is included each month.  

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