Whether you are just starting out or a veteran teacher seller, having a consistent brand strategy for your teacher seller business is a key element in growing and sustaining an online business in an increasingly competitive market.  What does branding your business even mean?  How does it affect a teacher seller business like yours?

In simple terms, branding your teacher seller business is anything that helps your target audience instantly recognize your business.  



Many don’t incorporate a brand message into the process of building their brand but this is an important component both for your buyers and for you as the business owner.  

A brand message is a clear, consistent message that does the following:

* Identifies your Ideal customer

* Addresses the transformation and or solution to a customers problem

* Describes your service/product

* Includes the voice of your brand

Your brand message doesn’t go into detail about your services, it’s a one-liner that gives people a sense of what your business is about and if it’s something they’re looking for. Creating a brand is not only about a logo, colors, and fonts, it needs to have branded graphics and a solid brand message.

Including these elements is imperative

in the foundation of building your brand.

Building a cohesive brand message not only does it tell the world what your business is all about; it helps you create clear, branded content.

In conclusion, branding your teacher seller business with these basic components along with consistency is key to building a strong brand.  If your brand doesn’t speak what your business is and how it can solve a consumer’s problem you need to do some brainstorming around what your brand is and how you want your ideal customer to see you.

Grab the brand board freebie below to see if you have incorporated all the elements of brand.


Looking for monthly Canva mockup templates to make creating graphics for your business a breeze?  Check out Simplified Design Collection Membership for Teacher Sellers.

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