Brand Strategy for Teacher Authors

Do you have a brand strategy for your Tpt or freelance business?

A brand is not only about your logo, it is about who you are as a brand, the needs of your target audience, and the alignment of your business goals.

Establishing a brand strategy makes it easier to communicate your message thus establishing a strong core brand messaging and key before moving into creating visual assets {brand identity} such as your logo, website, social media graphics, blog graphics, etc.

Your logo isn’t a strategy, it’s a visual asset.

Struggling with developing a brand strategy?

Here are 4 areas to think about…

Goal: What is your vision for this brand? What do you want to achieve?
Ideal Customer: Who do you serve?
Purpose: Why are you doing this?
How: How are you going to achieve your goal?

Trying to establish a brand strategy but don’t know where to start?  Let’s work together!

Let’s chat, email me at hello@sabrinadiasandcompany.com.

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