What is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design platform loaded with tools to create graphics for all your teacher business needs.  Graphics for social media posts, social media banners, product covers, logos, Pinterest pins, blog images, lead magnets, presentation, course graphics, membership graphics, just to name a few.  The possibilities are endless!  

The easy-to-use drag and drop functionality allows anyone to create stunning graphics in a simple not complicated way.  The drag and drop feature is combined with a search feature making it super easy to find images or elements to create the perfect graphic.  You’ll be creating or editing graphics like an experienced graphic designer in no time at all!  

Is Canva free?

Yay! It is!  There is a free and pro version.  Honestly, I used the free version for a very long time before I switched to the pro version.  The free version was perfect when I was starting out but once my business started to grow, I decided to invest and it was a game-changer!  The added features truly made a difference in organizing designs into folders, adding my favorite fonts, and adding additional color palettes to store client’s brand colors. 

I’m going to let you in on a huge thing I recently discovered… Canva is offering teachers the pro version of Canva for FREE for non-commercial, personal classroom use ONLY!  Yep, that’s right… F.R.E.E, FREE!  To register you’ll need to fill out a form with teaching details and the Canva support team will verify your application, and Bippity Boppity Boo you have Canva Pro for FREE!  Full disclosure… it is against Canvas terms of use if you use the free teacher Canva Pro account for commercial purposes.  Therefore, if you intend on creating resources to for resale, invest in the Canva Pro account.  


* Canva Features *

* Thousands of free templates to choose from

* Photo effects and editing features {background removal, filter, adjust, crop, flip, resize, and more}

* Create video graphics

* Adjust transparency

* Download graphic as a PNG, JPEG, PDF Standard, PDF Print, SVG, MP4 Video, or GIF)

* Tons of free commercial use photo 

* Huge library of fonts to use

* Collaboration on designs 

There are many more features not mentioned in the list and Canva is amazing about listening to suggestions and adding amazing new features often!

How can you use Canva for your teacher business?

The most beneficial way to use Canva for your teacher business is to create branded graphics for your social media post, product covers, blog images, and Pinterest pins.  

Here’s a view into the magic…

  1. Template – premade templates that you can edit to fit your needs
  2. Upload – upload photos and videos
  3. Photos – photo library of stock photos
  4. Elements – shapes, frames, text, icons, photos, etc. that can be used in your design
  5. Text – access to text styles and add text to page
  6. Styles –  quick and easy access to brand kit, palettes, and fonts combinations
  7. Music – edit videos and library of music 
  8. Videos – library of videos you can use
  9. Background – select a background for your graphic
  10. Folders – organize designs into folders
  11. More –  apps and integrations
  12. Menu Bar – Homepage (simple to navigate; includes side panel options, search bar, design section)
  13. Search – within tabs
  14. Design Title
  15. Share – your designs 
  16. Download – graphic as a PNG, JPEG, PDF standard, PDF print, SVG, MP4 video, and a GIF.  Other options include downloading with a transparent background, compress file, and select the page or download the entire design.
  17. Publish –  options include download, share link, present, present and record, share to social media platforms, save to cloud options, etc.
  18. Design Options –  duplicate, trash, add page
  19. Design Layout –  design canvas
  20. Add Page – quick tool to add a page

With all the elements, functionality, and simplicity of this platform, you will be creating graphics like a pro in no time!

Why is Canva the best design tool for teacher sellers?

Canva is the best design tool for teacher sellers because it’s a one stop shop!  One platform where you can create all your marketing materials for your online teacher business.  It holds a library of stock photos, design elements, templates, already sized design canvas for all the social media platforms, video creation capabilities and SO MUCH MORE!  Canva is super easy to use and it doesn’t have the learning curve of other design tools.  Start using Canva today to simplify your design creations.

Happy Creating,

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