5 must know canva tips

I’m all about working smarter, not harder!  These must know Canva tips will get you creating faster so you can get back to checking tasks off your to do list.

In this post, you’ll learn the following Canva tips:

* Canva Magic Resize
* Canva Keyword Shortcuts
* Add a Title & Comments to the Design 
* Quickly copy from another design
* Adding a Table to Your Design

Canva Magic Resize

It’s literally magic!  Basically, resize one design for multiple formats.  Click a button and you can resize a graphic to fit a different platform.  Save time with this feature!  Create one design, then magically resize with just one click.   

This feature is a Canva Pro option.  If you don’t have Canva Pro yet, click her to try it for free for 30 days. 

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Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts saves you time in creating in Canva!  
I have a ton of keyboard shortcuts but I’ll share the ones I use the most below:
* Click the “L” key to add a line
* Click the “R” key to add a rectangle
* Click Shift + Command + “K” key to transform text to uppercase
* Click Command + “B” key to bold text
* Click Command + “D” key to duplicate text or elements
* Click Command + “C” to copy and Command + “V” to paste

Adding a Title & Comments to the Design

Using the comment and title section keeps me organized.  I start off by titling each design with the date that I anticipate to post it.  Then I add additional information in comments such as the platform the graphic is for or sometimes I jot down some notes that I want to include in the copy for the design.  

Quick copy from another design

Click on folder, then all designs, select the design you want to copy and it pastes it into your current page.  I love this trick!  This is especially helpful when you want to copy and paste a template into a page that you are working on.

Adding a Table to your design

Canva has made my creating dreams come true!  The new release of tables has got my creating heart all sorts of happy!  

To add a table to your page, click on elements and search tables.  Select the table that you’d like to use.  Once the table is on the page you can add and subtract columns and rows.  You can resize rows, add color, text and adjust the border size.  It’s AMAZING!

Let’s Review

In this post, you learned about the 5 must know Canva tips to get you creating quicker.  They included the following:

* Canva Magic Resize
* Canva Keyword Shortcuts
* Add a Title & Comments to the Design 
* Quickly copy from another design
* Adding a Table to Your Design

Which one is your favorite?

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